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Best Practice

Best Practice is a four-level business English course designed for use by both pre-work students and those already working. It…

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Business Skills

The Business Skills series uses diagrammatic illustrations and a systematic approach to business situations, and provides essential reference for self-study…

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Energy English

Ideal for self-study or for in-company one-to-one or group teaching, Energy English is an essential resource for improving communication in…

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English for Business Life

Ian Badger, Pete Menzies

English for Business Life is written by experts in international business communication who understand how fast-moving changes are affecting the…

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English for Cabin Crew

English for Cabin Crew is an essential course for those preparing for a career as a cabin crew member. It…

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Financial English

Ian MacKenzie

ISBN-10: 1111832641

ISBN-13: 9781111832643

Financial English is a language practice book for anyone learning about or working in finance. It is designed for students…

Professional English series

The five-volume Professional English series is designed for both pre-work students and those already working. Teachers and learners will find…

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Success with BEC

BEC is an internationally recognised business qualification that demonstrates an ability to use English in professional contexts. As a University…

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Total Business

Mara Pedretti, Rolf Cook, Helen Stephenson, John Hughes, Paul Dummett; Colin Benn

Total Business is a three-level business English course for pre-work students and business people wishing to improve their English and…

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