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Delta Natural English – Handbook of Spoken Grammar: Strategies for Speaking Natural English

Ken Paterson, Caroline Caygill, Rebecca Sewell

ISBN-10: 1905085540

ISBN-13: 9781905085545

Spoken English is now recognized as having its own “grammar” which is not covered in traditional language practice material. Using…

Delta Natural English – Using Collocations for Natural English

Elizabeth Walter, Kate Woodford

ISBN-10: 1905085524

ISBN-13: 9781905085521

Collocations are the key to fluent English. Learning words on their own may enable students to communicate, but to sound…


Cheryl Benz, Steven Benz

Through academic readings, Impressions helps students explore American culture and develop the reading, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills necessary to…

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Just Listening and Speaking

Carol Lethaby, Ana Acevedo, Jeremy Harmer

Just Listening and Speaking is designed for individual skills development as part of either a classroom-based course or a self-study…

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Listen In

David Nunan

High-interest tasks support the development of receptive and productive skills while including critical listening and learning strategies.   Features: Real-life…

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Listening Advantage

This new four-level, strategies-based course is designed to improve listening skills through the use of activities and topics that are…

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Listening and Notetaking

Patricia A. Dunkel, Phyllis L. Lim

The third edition of this groundbreaking book includes videotaped lectures in DVD or VHS format. Now teachers can use the…

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Now You’re Talking

Jeannette D. Bragger

Now You’re Talking! is a three-level strategies-based conversation series designed to help learners develop natural spoken English skills through a…

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On Speaking Terms

Eliana Santana Williamson

A two-level, corpus-informed listening and speaking series that focuses on functional, real-life situations to prepare students for social and academic…

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Pathways: Listening, Speaking, & Critical Thinking

Pathways is National Geographic Learning’s new academic series that helps learners develop the language skills they need to achieve academic…

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Pronouncing American English

Gertrude F. Orion

Newly updated, this classic text continues to be the most comprehensive overview of the American sound system. With an easy-to-follow…

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Well Said

Linda Grant

The Well Said series offers a lively communicative approach to building and improving pronunciation and speaking skills through strategies development…

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