Explore Our World

Dr. Joan Kang Shin, Dr. JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall

  • American English
  • CD-ROM
  • DVD
  • IWB
  • Audio
  • 1-4 contact hours a week

Explore Our World is a light and lively six-level primary series in American English. It focuses on listening, speaking, and pronunciation activities, supported by fun and fascinating National Geographic content, images, and video, to provide young learners with key language, skills, and knowledge needed to understand their world.

  • An emphasis on listening and speaking activities allows instructors to focus on the key skills young learners need to learn English.
  • The Sounds of English provide pronunciation practice in every unit.
  • National Geographic video inspires and motivates young learners.
  • The Professional Development Program helps teachers get the most out of Explore Our World.
  • Easy-to-use technology reinforces and enhances the content of the Student Book.

Each level of Explore Our World includes:

  • Language presentation and practice
  • Songs and games
  • Video activities
  • National Geographic Values and Mission pages
  • The Sounds of English for pronunciation practice, and much more!

15 hours of video for young learners

National Geographic video is the perfect way to bring your English classroom to life. Created especially for young learners of English, Explore Our World Video is fully integrated into the Explore Our World teaching and learning materials, with 15-20 fun-filled minutes of video for each unit that include:

  • Original songs
  • Language presentation and review
  • Games
  • Inspiring, real-world video
  • and Our World Reader Story Time

Professional Development made easy

Dr. Joan Shin, a respected trainer of young learner teachers in over 100 countries, and series editor for Explore Our World, has designed a Professional Development program that helps teachers improve their classroom practice, and get the most out of Explore Our World. Using short
videos of real classrooms and interviews with teachers from around the world, the program covers areas and topics such as:

  • Using video and technology in the classroom
  • Empowering young learners through real-world content
  • Storytelling
  • and much more!

Bring storytelling into your classroom

The Our World Readers are six levels of original stories, folktales, myths, and non-fiction from around the globe. Each Our World Reader is a great way to support the language covered in the Student Books, encourage reading for fun, and bring storytelling into your English language-learning classroom. To make it easy to use the Our World Readers in your curriculum, one graded reader is available to support the theme and language of each unit. Each includes fun facts and activities and is also available as Story Time in the Explore Our World Video.

  • One graded reader for each unit
  • Big Books for levels 1 and 2
  • Available in the Explore Our World video
Level 1
Student Book 978-130-507-721-8
Workbook with Audio CD 978-130-508-470-4
Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM 978-130-509-1832-9
Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 978-130-509-419-2
Video DVD 978-130-510-966-7
Audio CD 978-130-509-028-6
Poster Set 978-130-510-914-8
Picture Cards Set 978-130-510-940-7
Explore Our World
Level 2
Student Book 978-130-507-743-0
Workbook with Audio CD 978-130-508-985-3
Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM 978-130-509-349-2
Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 978-130-509-420-8
Video DVD 978-130-510-973-5
Audio CD 978-130-509-029-3
Poster Set 978-130-510-915-5
Picture Cards Set 978-130-541-011-4
Level 3
Student Book 978-130-507-766-9
Workbook with Audio CD 978-130-508-986-0
Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM 978-130-509-350-8
Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 978-130-509-421-5
Video DVD 978-130-510-985-8
Audio CD 978-130-509-030-9
Poster Set 978-130-510-916-2
Picture Cards Set 978-130-541-012-1
Level 4
Student Book 978-130-507-768-3
Workbook with Audio CD 978-130-508-987-7
Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM 978-130-509-351-5
Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 978-130-509-422-2
Video DVD 978-130-510-986-5
Audio CD 978-130-509-032-3
Poster Set 978-130-510-917-9
Level 5
Student Book 978-130-507-811-6
Workbook with Audio CD 978-130-508-989-1
Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM 978-130-509-353-9
Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 978-130-509-423-9
Video DVD 978-130-510-987-2
Audio CD 978-130-509-043-9
Poster Set 978-130-510-918-6
Level 6
Student Book 978-130-507-815-4
Workbook with Audio CD 978-130-508-990-7
Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM 978-130-509-360-7
Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 978-130-509-424-6
Video DVD 978-130-510-988-9
Audio CD 978-130-509-051-4
Poster Set 978-130-510-919-3
Levels 1-3
Assessment Book with Audio CD 978-130-509-390-4
Picture Cards including The Sounds of English 978-130-510-940-7
Levels 4-6
Assessment Book with Audio CD 978-130-509-392-8
Levels 1-6
Professional Development Video Program DVD 978-128-545-579-2
Professional Development Classroom Presentation Tool DVD 978-128-545-578-5