Grammar Dimensions

Advanced C | Elementary A | Intermediate B | Pre-Intermediate A | Upper Intermediate B

Diane Larsen-Freeman, Series Director

  • American English
  • Exam View
  • Audio

Through clear and comprehensive grammar explanations, extensive practice exercises, and lively communicative activities, Grammar Dimensions provides students with the language skills they need to communicate accurately, meaningfully, and appropriately.

  • Grammar explanations focused on form, meaning, and use help students understand the target language
  • Updated Opening Tasks can be used as a diagnostic or warm-up exercise to explore students’ knowledge of each structure’s form, meaning, and use.
  • Updated topics, grammar charts, and grammar exercises provide detailed grammar practice.
  • Internet Activities explore outside sources of language to expand upon students’ communication and language skills
  • “Reflection” activities clarify students’ learning styles and encourage students to create personal learning strategies.
  • Lesson Planners contain step-by-step teaching instructions with a choice of lesson plans to suit the needs of individual classrooms and teachers.