World Link 2nd Edition

Beginning Pre-A | Elementary A | Intermediate B | Pre-Intermediate A

  • American English
  • CD-ROM
  • DVD
  • Exam View
  • IWB
  • Audio
  • 1-4 contact hours a week
  • +5 contact hours a week

World Link is National Geographic Learning’s best-selling core series for young adult/adult learners of English. The second edition has been completely updated and enhanced to reflect modern teaching methods and user feedback. Combining dynamic vocabulary with essential grammar and universal topics, World Link 2nd Edition, helps learners to communicate confidently and fluently.

What makes World Link different?

  • A comprehensive syllabus that addresses the needs of students at B1 and B1+ levels including a focus on skills development

Links to Fluency

  • Dynamic Vocabulary: learners study and practice useful, high-frequency vocabulary, collocations, phrases, and expressions systematically.
  • Essential Grammar: learners practice grammar through both inductive and deductive presentations, and learn how to use it to communicate in the real world.
  • Universal Topics: students learn English through themes and topics that provide the necessary context for learning about the English language and global cultures.
  • Confident Communication: fun tasks and activities provide learners with opportunities for realistic, meaningful communication using target language.

Special Video Program

NEW! Video segment—“Good Morning World”—for each unit 4-level Video Program is included on the:

  • Classroom DVD
  • Student CD-ROM
  • Online Video Workbook
  • Interactive Presentation Tool

Extensive Teacher Support

  • Fully interleaved Lesson Planner with Teacher’s Resources CD-ROM (the CD-ROM includes printable and photocopiable materials for use in and out of the classroom)
  • Interactive Presentation Tool that combines the Student Book, Workbook, video, audio, and other resources, for use in the classroom with an IWB or data projector
  • Online Lesson Planner, a web-based tool that allows World Link users to create and customize lesson plans for their classes, then save and share them in a range of formats
  • Online Workbook and Online Video Workbook, both teacher-led and self-study options
  • Classroom DVD
  • Classroom Audio CDs
  • Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView®
  • Teacher Web Site