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Hot Topics

Cheryl Pavlik

HOT TOPICS is guaranteed to engage readers, stimulate thinking, and provoke conversation while developing vocabulary and reading skills. The controversial…

Reading Explorer 2nd Edition

Nancy Douglas, Paul MacIntyre, Becky Tarver Chase, Kristin L. Johannsen, Helen Huntley, Bruce Rogers, David Bohlke

The new edition of the best-selling six-level Reading Explorer series will bring the world to the classroom like never before…

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Reading for Today

Reading for Today is a five-level academic skills program that systematically develops students’ reading and vocabulary skills through engaging themes…

The Great Writing Series

Keith S. Folse; April Muchmore-Vokoun; Tison Pugh; Elena Vestri Solomon; David Clabeaux

Now with engaging National Geographic images, the new edition of the Great Writing series helps students write better sentences, paragraphs,…

Writing Clearly: Grammar for Editing

ISBN-10: 111135197X

ISBN-13: 9781111351977

The third edition of Writing Clearly: Grammar for Editing helps students become independent self-editors through thorough error analysis. Focusing on…