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General English for Aviation is a new book aimed for false beginners to intermediate English language learners.
The content of this book was thought to help learners to get started in the world of aviation while developing
their listening and conversation skills to interact with people in real-situation communication.
This book also provides information for teachers on the topics that will be taught at the beginning of each Unit
and a brief reference guide of the goals to be achieved by the students.

• Easy-to-use ‘Warm-up and Pre-Listening’ or ‘Warm-up and Pre-Reading’ sections to help students to get
acquainted with new vocabulary;
• ‘Time to Practice 1’ and ‘Time to Practice 2’ to help students in the communication skill building;
• ‘Drill Exercises’ to teach grammar structures easily and make students practice the vocabulary learned
previously for each Unit;
• A varied range of ‘Exercises’ for further grammar and vocabulary practices;
• ‘Roleplay’ exercises that focus on the real-world communication in aviation to wrap-up all the grammar and
vocabulary learned through the Unit;
• The ‘Challenge’ section which provides the students the opportunity to express their own opinion and debate
on the topics learned or use their creativity to reproduce or re-create the dialogues from the Unit;
• An on-line audio material for the listening activities.

1. At the aviation academy
2. More instructions, yes/no and numbers in aviation
3. Consolidation
4. At the check-in counter
5. Please hold on
6. Consolidation
7. Asking for information
8. At the ticket office
9. Consolidation
10. Are you lost?
11. Security check
12. Consolidation
13. Aviation security
14. Dangerous and prohibited items
15. The future of passport control
16. Carry-on or checked luggage?
17. How’s the weather?
18. Consolidation
19. Can I take my pets with me?
20. Flight 274, now boarding
21. Consolidation
22. High level of alertness: bird flu
23. Main airports in the world
24. Consolidation
25. In-flight services
26. VIP passengers
27. Consolidation
28. Baggage claim service
29. Consolidation
30. A funny story in aviation
Appendix 1. Countries, capitals,
nationalities and currencies
Appendix 2. Cities, airports and
3-letter IATA codes

General English for Aviation is a new book aimed for false beginners to intermediate English language learners.