Writing, & Language

David W Moore, Deborah J Short, Michael W Smith, Alfred W Tatum

Prepare all students for college and career success with dynamic National Geographic content and authentic, multicultural literature.

  • Teach with relevant and motivating content
  • Prepare students for Common Core State Standard success
  • Utilize systematic and focused teaching materials.

Assessment Handbooks includes:

  • Cluster Tests
  • Unit Tests
  • Metacognitive and Affective Measures, Performance Assessments, and Rubrics.

End-of-Level Summative Assessment includes:

  • Measures of student performance in targeted skills and standards for the level
  • Multiple choice items in Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension & Literacy Analysis, and Grammar & Writing

eAssessment includes:

  • Scan-and-score or test online
  • Immediate reports with links to re-teaching.

EDGE – Level Fundamentals – Teacher´s EditionISBN: 9781285806914Price list: R$1499.90

EDGE – Level Fundamentals – Student EditionISBN: 9781285439600Price list: R$349.90

EDGE – Level A – Teacher´s EditionISBN: 9781285806952Price list: R$1499.90

EDGE – Level A – Student EditionISBN: 9781285439488Price list: R$349.90

EDGE – Level B – Teacher´s Edition Vol.2ISBN: 9781285439716Price list: R$799.90

EDGE – Level B – Teacher´s Edition Vol.1ISBN: 9781285439686Price list: R$799.90

EDGE – Level B – Student EditionISBN: 9781285439587Price list: R$349.90

EDGE – Level C – Teacher´s EditionISBN: 9781285807034Price list: R$1499.90

EDGE – Level C – Student EditionISBN: 9781285439594Price list: R$349.90