English for Cabin Crew

English for Cabin Crew

English for Flight Attendants

Terence Gerighty

  • American English
Price list: R$133.90

English for Cabin Crew is an essential course for those preparing for a career as a cabin crew member. It is equally suitable for those already working in the industry who need to improve their communication skills when carrying out their pre and in-flight responsibilities. English for Cabin Crew is a comprehensive course designed to:

  • Improve fluency and pronunciation
  • Build key vocabulary and expressions
  • Develop listening skills

Ideal for group teaching, one-to-one or self-study. English for Cabin Crew follows the real-time working practices of flight attendants in routine and non-routine situations. From pre-flight briefings to disembarkation it looks at the specific language used in all on-board situations, giving cabin crew the confidence to use correct and appropriate English at every stage of their job.