IELTS Express

IELTS Express

Richard Hallows, Martin Lisboa, Mark Unwin

  • British English
  • DVD
  • Audio

IELTS Express Intermediate is the first level of a two-level IELTS exam preparation series. Level one covers the IELTS band 4-5.5, providing a low entry-point for students wishing to prepare for IELTS. IELTS Express is designed to be used with both short courses of 30-40 hours, but can also be extending to up to 90 hours by using supporting materials, such as a Workbook and the Teacher’s Guide.


  • Short coursebooks, highly focused on exam skills and techniques, paper by paper, task by task.
  • Each IELTS Express Student’s Book is an ideal choice for short preparation courses of 30-40 hours, and can be easily extended for courses up to 90 hours.

IELTS Express Intermediate – Workbook + Audio CDISBN: 9781133313014Price list: R$117.9

IELTS Express Intermediate – Student BookISBN: 9781133313069Price list: R$140.9

IELTS Express Intermediate – Teacher´s Book + DVDISBN: 9781133312987Price list: R$240.9

IELTS Express Intermediate – Class Audio CD´sISBN: 9781133316596Price list: R$229.9

IELTS Express Upper-intermediate – Workbook + Audio CDISBN: 9781133316206Price list: R$117.9

IELTS Express Upper-intermediate – Teacher´s Book + DVDISBN: 9781133316626Price list: R$240.9

IELTS Express Upper-intermediate – Class Audio CD´sISBN: 9781133316619Price list: R$229.9

IELTS Express Upper-intermediate – Student BookISBN: 9781133313021Price list: R$140.9