Listening / Speaking / Pronunciation

21st Century Communication

Listening, Speaking and Critical Thinking

Lida Baker, Laurie Blass, Jessica Williams, Lynn Bonesteel, Christien Lee

21st Century Communication is a four-level series that uses powerful ideas from TED Talks to teach learners to think critically...

Now You’re Talking

Jeannette D. Bragger

Now You’re Talking! is a three-level strategies-based conversation series designed to help learners develop natural spoken English skills through a...

Pathways: Listening, Speaking, & Critical Thinking

Becky Tarver Chase, Christien Lee, Paul MacIntyre, Laurie Blass, Mari Vargo, Kathy Najafi, Cyndy Fettig

Pathways is National Geographic Learning’s new academic series that helps learners develop the language skills they need to achieve academic...

Well Said

Lindas Grfant

The Well Said series offers a lively communicative approach to building and improving pronunciation and speaking skills through strategies development...