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Nancy Frey, Lada Kratky, Nonie K Lesaux, Deborah J Short, Sylvia Linan Thompson, Jennifer D Turner

The next generation of language, vocabulary, reading, writing, and content for elementary students is within Reach!

  • Actively engages and immerses students in a connected, expanding, and dynamic language environment
  • Layers and scaffolds essential skills and strategies to move all learners to independence
  • Easily adapts to meet your instructional priorities and requirements

Reach offers frequent and varied assessments to inform instruction.

Assessment Handbooks include:

  • Level A: Part Tests, Unit Tests, Language Function Rubrics, Affective Measures
  • Level B: Part Tests, Unit Tests, Language Function Rubrics, Fluency Benchmark Assessments, Writing Benchmarks, Portfolio Forms
  • Levels C-F: Part Tests, Unit Tests, Language Function Rubrics, Afffective and Metacognitive Measures, Fluency Benchmark Assessments, Writing Benchmarks, Portfolio Forms

English Language Proficiency Tests include:

  • Pre-Test: Identify student ELP and complete profile to include Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Place students into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced/Advanced High groups.
  • Post-Test: Show growth in ELP from the beginning to the end of the year.

eAssessment includes:

  • Graphic reports support decision-making
  • Multiple views of student performance
  • Online teaching option

ExamView® CD-ROMs include:

  • Question banks of all Part and Unit Tests with editing capability
  • Test Wizard to create your own tests

Unit Test Booklets eliminate the need to make copies.

Summative Assessments, with formats similar to state tests, measure student performance in targeted skills.

British English

REACH – Level A – Teacher´s Edition – Volume 2ISBN: 9780736274326Price list: R$674.90

Reach Level A Assessment HandbookISBN: 9780736282741Price list: R$671.90

REACH – Level A – Teacher´s Edition – Volume 1ISBN: 9780736274319Price list: R$674.90

REACH – Level A – Read Together Student BooksISBN: 9780736279994Price list: R$276.9

Reach Level B Assessment HandbookISBN: 9780736282758Price list: R$671.90

REACH – Level B – Teacher´s Edition (2 volumes)ISBN: 9780736282369Price list: R$1347.90

Reach Level C Assessment Handbook  ISBN: 9780736282765Price list: R$671.93

REACH – Level C – Teacher´s Edition (2 volumes)ISBN: 9780736282376Price list: R$1347.90

REACH – Level C – Student AnthologyISBN: 9780736274272Price list: R$276.90

Reach Level D Assessment Handbook  ISBN: 9780736282772Price list: R$671.90

REACH – Level D – Practice BookISBN: 9780736274616Price list: R$96.90

REACH – Level D – Teacher´s Edition (2 volumes)ISBN: 9780736282383Price list: R$1347.90

Reach Level E Assessment Handbook  ISBN: 9780736282789Price list: R$671.90

REACH – Level E- Teacher´s Edition (2 volumes)ISBN: 9780736282390Price list: R$1347.90

Reach Level F Assessment Handbook  ISBN: 9780736282796Price list: R$671.90

REACH – Level F – Teacher´s Edition (2 volumes)ISBN: 9780736282406Price list: R$1347.90

REACH – Level F – Practice BookISBN: 9780736274654Price list: R$96.90

REACH – Level F – Student AnthologyISBN: 9780736274302Price list: R$276.90