Practical Grammar

Practical Grammar

David Riley, John Hughes, Ceri Jones

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Practical Grammar is the comprehensive new three-level course that presents
essential grammar in a user-friendly format. An integrated approach and
contextualized content ensure that students learn usage as well as the form of
each grammatical structure.

  • Structure: Three levels, one hundred units per level. Units are organized in sets
    of five, creating grammatical, functional, and notional learning modules and
    providing learners with a sense of progress. Straightforward two-page units
    make Practical Grammar perfect for use in the classroom and at home.
  • Lexis: The syllabus and learning materials have been designed around carefully
    controlled vocabulary creating a unique learning experience and giving extra
    help to students who want to use the structures they have learnt
  • Context: Contextualised exercises help motivate learners. Text types include
    conversations, new stories, articles, emails, and fiction
  • Revision: Every fifth unit is a review. Interactive online tests every 15 units
    provide the perfect platform for independent learning and self-assessment

Each level comes with 2 audio CD’s and a PIN code which allows access to MyPG.

Practical Grammar 3 – Text + Audio CD + AnswersISBN: 9781424018079Price list: R$222.90

Practical Grammar 3 – Text + Audio CDISBN: 9781424018062Price list: R$192.9

Practical Grammar 2 – Text + Audio CD + AnswersISBN:

Practical Grammar 1 – Text + Audio CDISBN: 9781424016778Price list: R$192.9

Practical Grammar 1 – Text + Audio CD + AnswersISBN: 9781424018086Price list: R$222.90

Practical Grammar 2 – Text + Audio CDISBN: 9781424018048Price list: R$192.9